September: Gone “Hunting”

Lion Cub by Simon CombesSeptember is the beginning of Fall and the beginning of “hunting” season. Hunting for beautiful works of art that is!

This month we feature the works of Daniel Smith and Simon Combes. These artists are able to capture the majestic qualities of some of nature’s finest, including Cougars, Bears, Tigers, Eagles and more. They are so lifelike they almost jump out of the frame. But, don’t be afraid, these animals won’t bite!

Simon Combes

Simon CombesIn 1940 Simon Combes was born in “Wilderness Cottage”, in Shaftesbury, England, and from that day in June, the Wilderness always attracted him. His first adventures began early when in 1946 when his parents moved onto farming Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, a magical place for a young boy.

Simon loathed his years at boarding school in Nakuru and at Duke of York in Nairobi, always longing for the freedom of the bush. While managing a 2,000 acre farm when he was seventeen, he was drafted into six months compulsory military training after already applying for appointment in the Kings African Rifles. He was accepted into 4 KAR but having just finished his training was sent to Uganda where one of his duties was to teach basic etiquette and rugby to a young Idi Amin. Sandhurst Military Academy was next and upon return to Kenya joined 3 KAR in time for Kenya’s Independence.
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