Special Offerings

The following pieces are Sold Out at Publisher and on consignment.

Moonfire by Stephen LymanMoonfire, 65/175 by Stephen Lyman, unframed, $4,899, canvas. JUST REDUCED, get it now before it’s gone!
Stellar Autumn by Stephen LymanSteller Autumn, AP 22/25 by Stephen Lyman, unframed, $3,100, canvas
Evening Song by William PhillipsEvening Song, 429/550 by William Phillips, framed, $3,829, canvas, enhanced. JUST REDUCED
Two More Indian Horses by Bev DoolittleTwo More Indian Horses, 14360/48153 by Bev Doolittle, framed, $1,895, print
Music In The Wind by Bev DoolittleMusic In The Wind, 19677/43500 by Bev Doolittle, framed, $1,795, print
Monarch of The North, Rod Frederick, 719/2000, unframed, print, $ 300
Morning Surprise, Rod Frederick, 1213/1500, unframed, print, $ 600
Echoes of Sunset, Rod Frederick, 1743/1750, unframed, print, $ 2,000
Sacred Circle with Chapbook, Bev Doolittle, 29470/40192, unframed, print, $ 1,200
Sacred Ground, Bev Doolittle, 53368/69996, unframed, print, $ 1,400 (2 at this price)

Contact us today if you are interested in any of these pieces.

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