Why Buy Limited Edition Art?

Angel with EpauletIf a collector is interested in making an art purchase that will appreciate in value, then buying a limited edition print or canvas makes sense. Buyers need to know that a piece of art may be a limited edition piece but if it hasn’t been reproduced properly there is no assurance that the art will be a sound investment. Reputable art publishers, such as The Greenwich Workshop, adhere to very exacting standards in creating limited editions from the artist’s original work. Each piece is inspected and signed by the artist, inspected again by the publisher, and then consecutively numbered, giving each piece an individual identity.

By definition a limited edition piece of art means just that – very limited. Only a small fraction of homes can own a print or canvas from a given edition.

Limited edition art that is Sold Out At the Publisher is often made available on the secondary market at significantly increased prices. The greater the demand for these sold out at publisher pieces, the higher the price goes based entirely on the price a collector is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept.

Open edition prints and posters are generally mass produced with commercial inks and papers and can be purchased anywhere for a range of prices. On the other hand, limited edition art is printed with the most advanced reproduction technology for image fidelity. Fade-resistant archival inks and the finest acid-free papers and canvas ensure the longevity of a fine art limited edition piece.