Bob Byerley

Bob Byerley at WorkBob Byerley is one of the foremost painters of children today. Considered a modern day Norman Rockwell, Bob’s nostalgic “Trompe l’Oeil” fool the eye realism oil paintings evoke a feeling of a kinder and gentler age in which he grew up.

Bob Byerley’s classical ultra realistic interpretations of the everyday experiences of the child, awakens in the viewer, long forgotten memories. The art combines precise academic painting techniques of the Old Dutch Masters with the heart and soul of Norman Rockwell.

Byerley’s children are real, not fabricated or cutsie. In his paintings, imagination abounds. His children interact naturally with fairies, elves and surrealistic imaginary animals. Bob Byerley paints children doing things rather than viewing things; his kids are alive with vitality and mischief. We invite you to come along and visit the Neighborhood and enjoy some of the finest art work in realism being done today.

Byerley has incorporated the latest technology into his program. The addition of the giclee process has allowed for greater color accuracy compared to his originals. The amount of detail included in his reproductions has drastically improved along with the paper and canvas quality. The printing world has always been threatened by UV light which causes fading. Today’s giclee prints fight fading more than any other product on the market. We are proud to present Bob Byerley’s realism in the newest giclee process.

Bob and his wife Alice recently visited us at the gallery. Read more about Bob Byerley and his new painting, Wildflowers.

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