The Egg Inspector

The Egg Inspector
The Egg Inspector (framed and pictured on brown backdrop)

Title: The Egg Inspector
Artist: Morgan Weistling
Limited Edition Canvas, Sold Out At Publisher, #84/100
Image size: 26″w x 20″h
Beautifully framed (as pictured): $1,080


Coming on the heels of Emmie’s Catch, Morgan Weistling’s sold-out contribution to the Greenwich Workshop SmallWorksTM collection, is The Egg Inspector.

I never cease to be inspired by the wonder and curiosity of children. This little farm girl loves to spend time with her chickens and found her way into the coop one day. This serene moment I painted changed rapidly after she decided to stick her thumbs into the eggs to see what would happen. It got pretty messy.

Morgan Weistling’s contemporary impressionism celebrates the wonder of a timeless America, as well as the beauty of everyday moments. His painting, Quilting Bee, 19th Century Americana, was the winner of several awards at the most recent Masters of the American West Art Show and Sale, where it sold for over $160,000. The Egg Inspector is a sweet and easy way to begin collecting the works of this fine artist.

Description courtesy of The Greenwich Workshop Greenwich Logo

Click below to view larger size image of just the painting:

The Egg Inspector