Pictures from Holding on to Paradise

Thank you to everyone who came out to meet Cassandra at last weekend’s Holding on to Paradise show.

We loved meeting Cassandra and really enjoyed talking with her — she’s so friendly and down to earth. It was wonderful to hear the stories and inspiration behind her paintings. The best part was how she would customize her Limited Editions for people who purchased them — by painting an extra flower or bee or adding some color or embellishments. For her originals, she would write or paint on the back.

We’re very excited to bring Cassandra back to Cannon Beach in May 2010 for the Spring Unveiling. Please check back for exact dates and times or sign up for our e-newsletter to hear about it first.

Here are a few pictures from the event (click small photos to zoom):

Mixing PaintsPose like a painting...

Dann and CassandraA reluctant Mavis and Cassandra