Closing Our Store Front

To All My Valued Customers:

It is with a sad heart that we announce the closure of Heritage Fine Art & Custom Framing here in Vancouver. The silver lining behind this is that you will still be able to find us here at Due to the economy, we are forced to close the store front, but I will continue to be a dealer by working from home to sell the hundreds of beautiful pieces of art that we have. We are working to have every piece of art on our website, but we are not there yet. We will send out an email when we have that ready. I will still be able to order new art for you by request. Any questions you might have can be addressed to me either through the website or by email — You can also call me at 360-773-6563.

The other sad news we have to report is that our scheduled show with Cassandra Barney has been canceled by the artist. The GOOD news here is that through the end of this month (at least), I will have every piece of Cassandra’s that is currently available through Greenwich Workshop, in addition to 18 pieces that are sold out at publisher, and at least two of Cassandra’s originals — with the possibility of several more.

Needless to say, by reducing our overhead with the closure of this store front, there are literally hundreds of pieces of art, framed and unframed, that we will be offering at prices that will be too tempting for you to resist! Of course, we will still be a Greenwich Workshop and Somerset Fine Art dealer so we will be able to get you the latest releases from all of your favorite artists. Jason Jones will still be working for us when we have art to frame and with “Picture-It-First” technology, we will be able to design the perfect frame for you and email you pictures of what the piece you are buying will look like when the frame is complete.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future and will be sending out email newsletters to keep you up-to-date on what is going on at Heritage Fine Art & Custom Framing.

The store front closure is set for November 30, 2013 which is just a few weeks away. Take advantage of close-out pricing on dozens and dozens of pieces of art by William Phillips, James Christensen, Morgan Weistling, Cassandra Barney, Howard Terpning, June Carey, R. Tom Gilleon, John Buxton, Stephen Lyman, Liz Swindle, Steve Hanks, Bob Byerley, Judy Larson, Rod Frederick, Daniel Smith, Scott Gustafson, John Weiss, Bonnie Marris, Bev Doolittle, James Bama, and Frank McCarthy.

Even larger discounts will be available on art by Nancy Glazier, Charles Frace, Kyle Sims, Larry Dyke, Rod Chase, Bruce Cheever, Nenad Mirkovich, Andy Thomas, Matthew Hillier, Bradley Schmehl, Darrell Bush, Martin Grelle, Morton Solberg and many more. You can find art by all of these artists through links to Greenwich, Somerset and Bob Byerley on our website. Please call with any questions you might have. I have a complete listing of all of the art we currently have, organized by artist so I can look up a piece in seconds. I can also let you know the price and availability in the event I don’t have it on hand. Of course, the biggest discounts will be found on art that we have in stock.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dann and Jeanie Jennings