2010 Treasures from the Vault

You Have the First Option
on Owning One of These Rare,
Valuable and Hard-to-Obtain Classics!

Exclusive Access for
Clients of Premiere Dealers Only

Once a year, The Greenwich Workshop opens its private collection of Artist Proofs and Rare Fine Art Editions for sale to collectors. These editions have stood the test of time for value and desirability. Many are regarded as the watermark releases of an artist’s career. Most trade beyond their release price, even in the heart of the economic downturn. Some have not been seen in the market at all for years.

As a collector served by a Greenwich Workshop Premiere Dealer (Heritage Gallery) you are invited to early Exclusive Access to this one-of-a-kind fine art offering. After June 25th, the sale of this fine art is open to the public! Simply click on the button below to visit this exceptional fine art offering.

And many more!

All art ©Respective Artists ©The Greenwich Workshop®, Inc. All rights reserved.